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From Korea

Note: This is copied verbatim from Willow's LJ, inneedofwings. I thought it worth remembering.


Where do you think this country would be without the military... We'd probably all be speaking German right now...

My dad fought for this country's freedom and almost died twice because of it... and he had to come home to people spitting on him and calling him a baby killer... the very people whos rights he almost died for... to think thats ok is just wrong. War isn't pretty ... Its not glamorous or fun, but sometimes its necessary. Human nature prevents peace, thats just the way it is. I don't agree with everything the military does or the reasoning behind wars... like Iraq. I know a lot of it has to do with money... with oil... with whatever, but that shouldn't change or demean the efforts of the soldiers out there fighting and sacrificing for the cause.

It takes a lot of strength, commitment, and discipline to be in the military... to go to be away from your family and the ones you love... to know that everyday you could die... but we do it anyway... we do it because we have to ... we do it because we chose to for whatever reason. We ARE the guardians of freedom... We ARE the guardians of the American way of life, and we ARE by choice. As a soldier you have to give up the majority of your freedoms... we sacrifice our own freedoms to maintain the freedoms of those who aren't capable or willing to defend they're own. THAT is what the Army is all about. Saying that the Army is a pointless organization run by money hungry leaders is just absurd. Saying that its pointless and stupid to want to be a soldier is like spitting in the faces of all the people who died defending our freedoms... its like saying what they did means nothing. Those people sacrificed so much... THEY are the reason you have the freedoms you have today... they're the reason you have the freedom to disagree with what they did and still do for you. They're the reason you have the freedom to be ignorant and close minded if thats the way you want to be. Think about all the things you take for granted all the freedoms you have that maybe you don't realize or think about on a daily basis, and then remember... remember why you have them... remember the countless people who gave up they're rights ... they're lives... just so you could keep yours.

People like my dad are the people who fight wars.... steadfast and strong. My dad is one of the most honorable people I have ever known. He chose to fight in Vietnam... he wasn't drafted... he WANTED to go... because he believed in this country. He suffered multiple gun shot wounds on one occasion and had to be hospitalized. His chain of command wanted to send him home, but he wouldn't let them. He wanted to go back... he wanted to fight... My dad almost died... I have never seen anyone who possesses more honor, or integrity than my dad... He earned many medals including the Purple Heart and Bronze Star because he was fearless ... because he was a true warrior... because he put the welfare of others before his own. My dad is the embodiment of the Army Values, and he is a person worthy of the utmost respect... not just because hes my dad, but because of who he is and how he lives his life. Its people like my dad who make this country a place worth living ... a place worth fighting for... and I refuse to be ashamed of that... I refuse to let close minded, ignorant people convince me otherwise.

My mom told me something earlier that I totally agree with... she said, "They're are people who take, and take, and take from this country, and then theres people who make it what it is." ...

I know nothing I say is going to change your opinion David, but since you always bombard me with it I thought it was about time I voiced my own.

I'm not a mindless robot brainwashed by the Army. I am a human being... I am an individual... The Army knows that. The Army is composed of people from every different race, religious background, age group, and educational level... Its the largest most diverse organization in the world... Our leaders know that and they don't try to change it. They understand that our diversity is a lot of the reason we are successful. We're encouraged to embrace other cultures, to help out in any way that we can... to do charity missions... to be educated and free thinking. It's not about policing the world or making everyone see things from the American point of view. Its about the protection of freedom. Its about being someone worth being.
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