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Hurricane weather breeding ideas...

I find that more and more people are coming to the realization that something immense, even apocalyptic, is about to happen.

There are different theories, including an economic depression, and extending into the complete collapse of society as we know it.

I hold the possible theory that the world has in fact already ended.

Some place this inevitable-seeming event in ten years, some as soon as two.

You can see signs of it, if you look.

I certainly feel like the repeated hurricanes are a sign of some sort. Not sure what of. But I'm nearly positive that they are a sign of things to come. No, I don't think that they are some kind of "miracle" or anything like that; I'm just as sure that they have a perfectly logical meteorological explanation. That doesn't take away from my certainty that they are a sign. From "God", maybe, though my own beliefs lead me to the idea that it is... a natural force, and not an omnipotent deity, that is trying to warn us of something.

And honestly, why not? Some laugh at this idea because they don't believe that any natural force would care enough about what's going on in the gulf to start throwing hurricanes at it. I agree.

But look at it like this; when you are trying to communicate an idea to a lower lifeform, i.e. a cat or a dog, how do you do it? You do an action repeatedly. They may not realize what you want them to do, but if they are an intelligent specimen, they will at least realize that you want SOME response from them.

How can you expect something that is extremely different from the way we are, like god or nature, to be able to communicate in a way that's easy to understand? Or even logical? You can't.

I think even the most cynical of people feel, in a queasy and "I don't want to think about this" kind of way, that this weather is a sign of something.

In a way, I am excited to begin seeing signs of a major change, even if it does mean the collapse of our society.

I justify this excitement by explaining one of my fears. Christians believe that one day God will take the worthy, good people home, and leave the rest. (Yes, that is very simplified, I'm no theologist, sorry) I don't believe that EXACT concept, but I do feel, sometimes, like something similar has ALREADY happened. Like, something very important happened, and we were judged... not good enough, so we weren't a part of it. We are the ones left behind. That's why things have become so stagnant... why history and stories are so much more real to us that our own lives.

It's just a theory, and if you try to take it too literally it won't apply. But it's a common feeling to many people.

So the idea that something ELSE is about to happen, gives me hope that maybe... we weren't left behind. Maybe there is still hope of an important SOMETHING that we can be a part of.

Christopher tells me that this is the most optimistic thing I've ever said. I don't know. To be either a worthless remnant, or to be faced with possible destruction... to be faced with an opportunity for more, which means to be face with the possibility of losing everything...
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