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Advance Apologies for Somewhat Rambling Nature

Madison's questions about souls and reincarnation made me think a bit, so I decided to start a new post about my general views on souls, God, and the nature of life.

I'll try to back up my views as best I can, but being, as they are, so intertwined with my personal state of mind, I am understandably cautious with my justifications and conclusions.  In short, I can't defend everything I believe, and won't try for some of it, so be gentle.

Some things I believe:

I believe in Quantum Physics, and hold that the reason it doesn't make a lot of sense is because it is related to things we don't normally connect with "science".  I think that Quantum Physics may be the rules that govern such things as emotions and the existence of such.

I believe in an afterlife... but more in the sense of a BIGGER life, an existence of self that surpasses physical matter.

I believe that God is Light.  That can be taken literally.

I believe that our earthly lives are... like... soul boot-camp.  We live to learn certain lessons, and perhaps as our larger selves, we in fact set up certain things to happen in our lives to help us better ourselves.

I don't believe that we disappear when we die (this was not always true for me), because of the very simple fact that I still feel connected to the people I love who are dead.

I believe in doing good for the sake of doing good.

I believe that whatever religion gets you closest to God is the right one.

So, yeah.  That's my state of believing at the moment.  The Quantum Physics thing is the easiest to understand; Things do not exist unless observed, as I believe is true for life... we are not alive unless someone is aware of us being alive.  I think that it argues for a greater being.

Quantum Physics also has a theory that I find to be very very fascinating; String Theory.  It's been adapted somewhat since I first heard of it, and is no longer really STRING theory so much as "all existence is made up of a giant vibrating membrane" Which actually makes a whole lot more sense... anyways, it holds that there are, mathematically, 10 dimensions... it may be 11, but I think it's 10.  So, Up-down, left-right, forward-back, time, and 6 more.  It allows for parallel universes, if you can call it that.  It may be that our entire existence is the result of a collision between two of these membranous objects.... I don't know if I'd take it all that far, but the idea that we are all vibrations is intriguing.

Back on the subject,  I used to make fun of those Christian-types who, when asked how they prove the existence of God, would gesture their hands around with a condescending smugness.  Bastards. 

But truthfully, I think that just... looking around, at the very complexity of the world, with its useless beauty and our completely useless emotions, I just can't help but very grudgingly admit that they have a point. 

There is no point in beauty but to enjoy it.  Why then, is the sky, the grass, the rain, trees, diamonds, whatever, so beautiful to us?  There's no justifiable use for it.  I don't want to hear any rot about it just being chemicals in the brain, because anyone WITH a brain can feel that that just isn't it.  You may be able to convince your logic that that's all there is to it, but you'll never really believe it.

Why do we love?  Why are we self-sacrificing?

I don't believe there's a snowball's chance in hell that we ended up here by random occurrence.

And I don't think that there's a bunch of little soul-pieces floating around.  I don't think a soul would degrade like that.  Can't really justify that, but it just doesn't seem like that's right. 

I look at it as... our bodies are kind of like filters, through which the soul is projected... the soul being everything about you that you can't explain away with your bodily functions... and when we take a body, we filter our memory, and limit our comprehension.

Soooo... Something else I believe in is our effect on the world around us.  I think our minds are much more powerful than we believe, and the reason we can't ever prove that is because, quite frankly, people lie about what they are really thinking and feeling.  Even to themselves.

Alright... that's about it for now.  Please don't present me with reasons why my beliefs just MUUUST be wrong, because you WILL be ignored.  However, I would like to know if anyone feels the same way on any of these subjects, or can expand upon them, OR work them into their own pet theories.

So.  Discuss.  Don't destroy.
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