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Theory: We are wasting our potential, due to circumstances.

There is a psychology theory that states that people do the things they do in order to achieve their full potential. To become a better person, to be everything that they can possibly be. According to this, happiness is gained by working towards that goal.

In our lives, we are tied down by society, and circustance, into not being able to fulfill our potential. As a young person, living in America in the 21st century, we are presented with a paradox. We are told that we can be anything we want to be, if we just try, but we are not told of the many strings attached to everything.

Our options are remarkably limited. We can go to school, work, or be a bum. You can opt out of these by cheating, but I'll go into that option later. We waste time, and life in waiting for years, before we find our niche, something we can do to be useful. Many don't ever find it.

Imagine this scenario. (I realize it's farfectched, but bear with me) A large portion of the world's population is destroyed. You, your loved one, and the minimum of friends/family that you must keep in order to maintain sanity survive. You have to rely on your own survival skills, mental and physical, in order to live. With fewer people, you are suddenly in demand; the things you know now have value, the skills you've learned are needed.

Assuming that there are enough people still alive in enough varied positions, to keep the research and intellectual advances we have made from being destroyed, but not enough to keep the frivolous and unnecessary things...

Do you think you could survive? Do you think your quality of life would be greater or worse? Could you try to set up a new way of life, or would you leave it up to others?

Observing Madison has basically brought about this line of thought; as a very physical, strong, and mentally capable person, he would thrive in a situation like that. I believe that many of us would.

_Why is that?_

There are too many people in the world right now, condensed into too small of a space. In economics, when the supply of something is too high, the value goes down drastically. This applies to labor as well. There are so many people, fighting constantly for the same positions, with THE SAME QUALIFICATIONS (important) that many of them become expendable.

So when every is equally qualified, that's when people resort to cheating. People do cheat anyways, but at this point, it is not only a choice, it's almost necessary in order to achieve your goal. (I use the word cheating to include dishonesty, kissing ass, lying, stealing, and shmoozing)

And thus begins a generation of people whose only marketable skill is their ability to bullshit their way into obtaining things. Cheating becomes not only acceptable, but encouraged. Employers are so used to being able to pick and choose the best cheater, that they no longer look at the actual qualifications, and those who are NOT cheaters, who ARE qualified, are overlooked.

Intelligent, hard working people are left to such things as working in food service, or mass merchant retail stores. Or, we go to school in an attempt to increase our marketable skills, where we learn, again, that the only truely marketable skill AT THIS POINT IN TIME is cheating.

We are being screwed out of fulfilling our potential.
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