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Point for Ghandi

The Voice of The Dodecahedron.

I believe that pain is good. I know why people cut themselves, and why bleeding is such a relief.

If you're at all spiritual, you can turn this same principle inwards, and realize that sometimes emotional pain is good too. It makes you feel alive.

But turning the pain out onto someone else is not right. You simply don't have the right. We do it anyways; which is interesting and cruely pleasurable, but ultimately useless. It doesn't gain you anything. It's like seeing a flock of chickens pecking a small one to death. What do you end up with? An unedible dead chicken.

Sometimes I think Ghandi had the right idea, and sometimes I think Hitler had the right idea.

We all need our daily dose of drama or else, quite simply, we get bored. And when we get bored we become self-analytical and 95% of the time we really can't stand what we see. We find ourselves to be fat, lazy, dependent, weak, self-centered, slutty, insecure or arrogant, or both. We don't want to be that way, but since it's always difficult to change, we just occupy our minds with other things. When the reality of ourselves begins to filter through, we turn on the tv, the computer, we call a friend, we take out the razor. Or we just sit staring at the wall, or the ceiling, letting the self-disgust roll over us and trying in vain to sort the shit out.

Well we've been trying that for 20 years now people, isn't it time to do something different?

They used to tell us to go out and do something, try to better ourselves, and we don't, mostly because they told us to and we think it's useless. Well damn. We've never tried so we really don't know.

Go paint a house. Mow a yard. BUILD a house. Just take a little time and do something purely physical and FORGET about your drama, and your pain, and other people. Don't like doing it alone? Call up a friend and make them go too. Go to a gym; go running, go on a road trip with only 200 dollars and a few buddies.

I realize that you can't do this all the time; you have a job and family and eventually school or other responsibilities. But if you take the time to balance out your life, you will feel better for it.

No one is going to have the same solution. But hell... if you're on the verge of suicide, or you just hate your life, what have you got to lose?

There should always be struggle in life. Our lives are so easy that we have to SEARCH for a struggle, and the simplest way to find it is interpersonal drama. Which is good, as long as it doesn't become your ENTIRE life.

Non-religious and need some kind of spirituality? Go take Yoga. Meditate. RELAX!

I know this is a distasteful idea to ANYONE who is suffering, or feeling like the world is horrible. So don't try any new approaches right away because honestly, you'll fail and you'll feel even more miserable than you already do. Just shove the idea into the back of your mind, and drag it back out when you're ready. What have you got to lose? You've tried everything else.

Let's face it. Depression sucks ass. And if you're a very passionate and emotional person, it's very VERY hard not to get depressed. And it's just a damn shame, because there are such better things to do with your passion that to turn it inwards.

Love is the best thing. But it's not the ONLY thing. This world is too big for it to be. It all depends on your own personal philosophy, but I'm sure all of my readers believe in some form of higher deity. Try to get in touch with it.

I believe that there's a lot of power in your state of mind. You can do any of the things I mentioned, and if you concentrate on bad things, you're going to be miserable. Your thoughts influence your reality. They also influence other people's reality.

I like it when people are nice to me. I like it when they pay attention to me, when they notice something about me. I like it when they see, but don't linger over my faults. I like being appreciated.

So I try to give these things to other people. Maybe I'll get it back, maybe not. Maybe I made someone happier. Leave a poem in a library book for the next reader. Send someone you know a gift; a postcard. Don't expect ANYTHING in return. And if you get something, GIVE something in return.

Point for Ghandi.
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