Madison Burnett (vieszcy) wrote in lunch_sessions,
Madison Burnett


So yeah i don't post much anymore... mostly because of my many various reasons... but that's not the point of this post seeing how it's in the all glorious lunch_sessions... anyways i went and visited shelby today at his grandmother's wake... i guess in part to make myself feel better for not being able to go to jessica's... anways again i go off track.. possibly because of the time of day. but while shebly, isaac, danielle, billy, and alex talked to each other i moved away from the group just to watch them. and during this time i noticed something remarkably different about me... and that's the fact that i had changed.. which may not seem that great. but yeah for me it is. now here's the point of this little post. why do people seem to think it's better to hide their changes from themselves rather than just letting themselves feel the changes naturally and accepting them as parts of themselves. humans are supposed to be some of the most flexible creatures on the planet, but i don't see that really happening.. physically wise we can be... but mentally... sometimes we just tend to get stuck in our old ways sometimes refusing to let go, no matter what. and then sometimes... sometimes we just seem to be truthful w/ ourselves... welp it's 3:30 my mom is begining to wake up so i guess this means i'm off to bed myself.
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