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Is there really a reason why humans bond so intensely to a certain other? Is it the fact we know we die alone but maybe that person will be there beside you? Is it the fact that being alone is scary enough? If we weren't raise with other people, completely in solitude, what kind of reaction would you have when you communicate with another person? We're so dependent sometimes for our own fears and joys. Why do we feel like we arent whole or great enough for the world until someone comes along and hands you the world? How come it has to be so powerful when you find that person that makes you feel like you're better than the rest, how come we can't do that ourselves anymore? When I was little, I had no one other than my family to be with. If ya'll want to know something psychotic... listen.... When I was little like k-5 pretty much I had a tree sapling and the number 5 as friends. Yes the number 5. I would mentally talk to the number 5 when I was only in the bathroom. Do you think without social contact we make our own up? So why cant we just go back and instead of being dependent on Mr.leavesthetoiletseatup and be dependent on our mentality, no matter how screwed up we are. The fact is, I miss number 5, and I miss my tree sapling up in the woods. They were the only things I could be completely dependent on to always be there. Instead I grew up to this year under the age of legal teen who throws herself at boys daily just to feel like she's good enough to walk with her head high. it's almost 2am so I understand if my rambling is uncomprehenable, I had a rough day filler with many, many self inflictions mentally. plus I never write on this thing.
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